Chiller Concept


The Chiller, for an unique wine service

We offer an ultra-fast container refreshment solution that is easy to integrate into your establishment.

Our concept of refrigeration equipment allows you to cool your bottles in record time to ensure unparalleled service to your customers.

Chill your bottles in just a few minutes

The Chiller allows you to have all your bottles at the perfect temperature, at any moment and any time

Increase your turnover

With the Chiller you can use your refrigerators less, save floor space, retain your customers and increase their satisfaction

Stand out from the competition

With the Chiller you can substantially increase your wine list without the need for further investments

Preserve the quality of your wine

With the Chiller you won’t have to keep all your bottles in the refrigerator, which will improve their conservation and facilitate customer service

Benefit from an economical solution

With the Chiller you’ll be able to reduce your energy bills thanks to a unique concept and insulation system


Sound signal

3 pockets, including one for magnum bottles

3 different settings: 3-6-9


Dry labels

Low-power consumption

Easy to use and maintain


Design and assembly in France and Belgium


They trust us

Our retailers

Territory of Cyprus

Serbia and eastern countries 


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